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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 2, 2010 2:05am-3:30am EST

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go to tip from saudi intelligence. the saudis were able to provide the fedex and u.p.s. tracking numbers of the brohm packages. >> it's not just important in this situation, that's critical. i don't know how you stop that without stopping global commerce if you don't have the precision to search for one package or another. >> reporter: but the bombs were so clefrl hinted inside desktop printers even with the saudi tip police in england first cleared it for shipping after x-ray screening. only after tearing the printers apart did officials find the hidden explosives in the ink cartridge and cell phone circuit board all designed to be get natured on the aircraft u.s. officials now say. >> if one cargo plane is taken down by a bomb, you could literally shut down cargo transport across the world. >> reporter: as a result,
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virtually all cargo traffic out of yemen has been grounded as well as passenger flights to and from the united kingdom and germany. brian ross, abc news, new york. the military's ban on openly gay service members will now continue indefinitely. a federal appeals court decided to gimp the government more time before a lower court's order to end the practice kicks in. the senate could end the legal wrangling by repealing don't ask, don't tell and the appeals court ruling puts more pressure on that body to do just that before a new congress is sworn in. well, now to an extraordinary and rare look at a battle between two of nature's fiercest creatures. a montana man captured amazing photos of a bison. he was being chased be a grizzly bear. they passed right by him without even noticing him. once the animal got to the woods the bison got away but was burned so badly when rangers found it they had to put it down. no rest for the weary in
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haiti. just ten months after that devastating earthquake in that country they're now bracing for net yore disaster. tropical storm tomas is expected to turn back into a hurricane and veer toward haiti by the end of the week. aid workers are now scrambling to gather supplies as well as prepare some emergency shelters more than a million quake survivors are still living in tents and struggling with the recent cholera outbreak. a look at your tuesday forecast. a wet election day across parts of texas and the gulf coast. heavy rain and thunderstorms from dallas to shreveport and pensacola. showers from florida, south carolina, light rain from fargo to northern wisconsin. mostly 50s across the midwest. just 46 in boston, 50 here in new york. miami, 84, new orleans, 76, 60s in boise, billings and salt lake city, 75 out in sacramento, 87 in phoenix. well, it was a field of dreams come true more than a half a century in the making. >> the san francisco giants are this year's world series
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champions. the texas rangers were defeated 3-1 in game five and got the title for the first time since 1954 when they played back here in new york. >> thousands of fans watching on big and small screens back at home couldn't contain themselves and danes danced in the streets and waved flags and shouteded to top of their lungs. tim lincecum a huge favorite this year. >> partying hard. >> we'll be right back. ♪ go where i'm going you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned."
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the women's basketball team at george washington university is set to make division i basketball history but for not on-court stats. the first transgender player is there. they've known for a season. it's not clear how the ncaa will react. they plan to have male to female
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sex reassignment surgery next year. the pastor of one of the most prominent megachurches in america shared stunning news. the twice married father of four is telling his church he is a gay man. >> jim smiley says he came out with the truth hoping to change people's attitudes. diana davis has more. >> i wouldn't have known what to call it was my sexual orientation. >> reporter: jim swilly founded the church in the now 25 years ago. seen as a stereotypical pastor, father of four and his wife debbie was by his side. >> i know a lot of straight people think orientation is a choice. i want to tell you it certainly is not. >> reporter: he says he told debbie he was gay from the start. >> he said, i love you. we'll work this out. >> reporter: they kept their secret 21 years and divorced earlier this year, debbie wanted jim to go public. >> your whole ministry is about people being who they are. god loves you who you are.
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we're not real. >> reporter: he told his kids and his congregation and knew he might risk everything but told me the recent rash of gay teen suicides pushed hill over the edge. >> as a father think about, you know, think about your 16-year-old, 17-year-old killing themself. >> reporter: he says he's received support from many in his congregation but reaction on at least one conservative christian blog has been fierce calling him sick, twisted, an instrument of the devil. >> you know, i know all the hateful stuff being written about me online. to save a teenager i'll risk my reputation for that. >> reporter: at 52 he says coming clean has been a relief after years of trying to hide something he couldn't change. his church survive. >> it's church in the now and that name becomes prophetic for us. we'll have to take it one die at a time. >> for abc news, diana davis
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reporting in atlanta. when we return on this tuesday we're already looking ahead to the next big campaign. >> the 2012 presidential race and sarah palin's chances. you're watching "world news now." help. help is not the four letter word they all warned you about. it's in the places you work, and in the places you play. in the time of distress... in a mess... it's common to depend upon and lean on. no team won ever because of just one. help is not weakness or bleakness, so hear this. there's no shame in my feeling, we all need help's healing. to be propped up and brought up... it's only natural. help is not a scary thing. so rejoice now, hear my voice now. support is what the world is about now. all we need to do is reach out now. whatever you're going through, we're here to listen... to provide help and hope when you need it most.
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visit your life your voice dot org for e-mail and live chat, or call anytime 1-800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433). it's your life. it's your voice. use it. welcome back. even before the first votes are cast some are placing bets on who will run for president. >> who wins today? >> reporter: though she hasn't been a kate or held office in 16 months her name recognition is higher than ever and gets more magazine covers than anyone who refuses to do nag interviews. and when was the last time you saw tim pawlenty get a three-day pop on "entertainment tonight." >> right now my sarah palin
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exclusive. >> reporter: mary hart scored plenty of celebrities but few exchanges rattled the quarters of power like this. >> are you going to run for president. >> you know, i have not decided what i'm going to do in 2012. for me, mary, it will entame a discussion with my family, a real close look at the lay of the land and to consider whether there are any candidates out there who can do the job. if there's nobody else to do it then of course i would believe that i should do this. >> reporter: she was there to promote her new tlc series ca called "sarah palin's alaska." >> reporter: it's all about her in washington, d.c. and over the weekend she fueled it further while pushing back against a karl rove critique. "appearing on your own reality show on the discovery channel, i'm not certain how that fits into the american calculus of that helps me see you in the oval office" he told a british
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paper. "there are high standards and they require a certain level of gravitas." >> they have to be high for anyone who wants to run for president like -- wasn't ronald reagan an actor. wasn't he in "bedtime for bonzo." >> reporter: he was also governor of california for eight years. >> ronald reagan used to say status quo is latin for the mess we're in. >> reporter: can a governor who quit office after two years change this. >> we need people like sharron angle and joe miller and carly fiorina and christine o'donnell. and dino rossi and marco rubio and rand paul. >> reporter: while she sprinkles in plugs, the vast majority of palin picks are tea party favorites and the better they fare, the bigger the shock wave through the grand old party but
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if this report is any indication, the rumblings have begun. washington's website of record politico quotes more than ten republican power players voicing unanimous concern that a palin nomination would guarantee barack obama's re-election. and it is telling that all who spoke out against her did so anonymously. >> this is a joke to have unnamed sources tearing somebody apart limb by limb. >> without a source. >> without a source. that's the point. if they would cite themselves and man up and if they would, you know, make these claims against me, then i can barbara boxer them. >> reporter: her likely 2012 rival mitt romney explained the anonymous hand wringing. >> there was a time when the elites in washington thought they could call the shots. what we found is that now that the party is overwhelmingly driven by the energy and passion of the grassroots the elites in washington may be feeling a little left out. >> reporter: romney said she would be good for the primary mo ses but maybe he's confident in
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the fact he's raised twice as much money as palin in recent months while keeping his head down and towing the establishment line and maybe he's encouraged by a recent poll where more than two-thirds of voters said sarah palin is unqualified to be president. that's all voters and when we asked people who call themselves republican, conservatives and tea party members, even they split almost 50/50 on whether she's right for the job. so she has a lot of people to win over. whether she can do it with a new book, tv show and twitter remains to be seen. but the passion of palin's base will likely remain. >> you're even nicer in person. >> how sweet. >> reporter: how much new will come once she answers the question. >> are you going to run for president. >> don't know yet what we're going to do. >> reporter: i'm bill weir in new york. >> politics in this country is fascinating. remember the day after the democrats -- john mccain picked
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her and most of the country were like sarah who? and talking her as a formidable opponent in 2012. >> last-minute candidate tom can credo. how her vote helps people out. stick with us. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. ♪ and for weeks now we've been talking about the extremely bizarre story surrounding randy quaid and his wife. now they're talking to us. >> in a stranger than fiction exclusive the quaids explain why they fear for their lives. and diana alvear has more from los angeles. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing the quaids tell their side of the story but it's a story that is so bizarre you'd be forgiven for believing it's the plot to a movie and not
3:26 am
their real-life situation. >> i still can't understand it, why, why would somebody want to do this to me? >> reporter: randy quaid says he and his wife are seeking asylum in canada. in an interview with "good morning america" they say they fear for their lives. >> we are refugees. i mean that's essentially what it is, hollywood refugees. >> yeah, basically. >> seeking to be left alone by the criminals in america. >> we didn't -- >> reporter: the real criminals are the quaids, police say. they have been arrested for breaking into and trashing someone he's home and skipping out on several hotel bills. the quaids claim it's all part of a conspiracy to have them murdered. who would be trying to kill us? an estate planner who created a living trust and a county that could cash randy's royalty stream forever. >> they follow us. they tail us. they tag our cell phone. they hack our computer. >> reporter: who are they, a
3:27 am
group they call star whackers blame for the deaths of heath ledger and david cara dean and say more celebrities could be next. >> lindsay lohan. >> definitely and britney spears. >> reporter: the couple denies their claims have anything to do with drugs or mental instability. they say they just want justice. randy quaid says he's also concerned about the safety of his brother actor dennis quaid. but he does admit that the two have had a strained relationship over the past several years. vinita, rob? >> during the course of that interview of course there was more than what was actually aired and andrea canning who did the original interview went on to say that being around the two of them it's obvious that they are very, very much in love and finish each other sentences and at one point he says, will you please shut just up. independent of everything going on at the end of the day they are two people very much in love. >> you have to wonder how that will play out and how that sits with people. want to see more of that that
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will be on "good morning america" later today, be sure to check it out. that's the news for this half the brave men and women in our nation's armed forces made a commitment to protect us and our freedoms. many will come home with missing limbs, severe burns, or traumatic brain injuries. the wounded warrior project was created to help and support these injured heroes through programs and services that help make their recoveries easier. regardless of your position on the war, our injured veterans deserve our support. to learn more, call... or visit
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intense push. both parties' final campaign strategies. today's vote and an expected congressional shake-up. explosives expert. inside into a terrorist mastermind. >> al qaeda still obsessed with blowing up airplanes. >> last week's terror plot and new intelligence. and changing current. controversy over swimmers in the english channel. it's tuesday, november 2nd. >> after the prolonged countdown, election day is finally here. >> we can all stop. the biggest poll of all is today. get to it. >> good morning, thanks for
3:31 am
being with us on this election day tuesday. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm rob nelson. as we said, voters head to the polls this morning after the most negative campaign season on record, all 435 house seats up for grabs on this tuesday. >> there are also 37 senate races and 37 governor's races to be decided and powerhouse politician not even on the ballot. john hendren is joining us this morning from washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and rob. president obama spent the day behind closed doors at the white house but he wasn't ignoring the campaign on election eve. he spent the day making a series of radio calls. it was a last round get out of the vote effort by the white house. in vegas, democrats are putting the own mon the underdog. >> we have to keep going forward. that's what we have to do because there is so much at stake right now, and we have come much too far to turn back now. >> reporter: they're bringing out some big names like first lady michelle obama for
3:32 am
senate majority leader harry reid who is now trailing sharron angle and another big gun was brought out, bill clinton. >> these people that are telling you they're fiscal conservatives. what did they do? first thing out of the box, they repealed arithmetic. >> reporter: in colorado michael bennet made his own calls to keep his senate seat in the race of his life. >> and we'd be honored if you'd cast your vote for me. >> reporter: democrats and republicans alike are bracing for a likely gop takeover of the house, but with just hours to go, democrats across the nation made their closing arguments in a final push to keep republicans from gaining control of the senate. >> someone says we want to send a message to washington, i'm asking you to send a messenger and i'm volunteering to be that messenger. >> reporter: for democrats the latest abc news/"washington post" poll had bad news. while democrats have narrowed the gap americans still prefer republicans by four points in house races. sarah palin is up in arms
3:33 am
over a report in the next election. politico used sources to say that the republican establishment was trying to stop her from running for president in 2012. palin called those reporters child molesting, puppy kicking chain smoking, porn producers, and she got it from -- you guessed it -- an unnamed source. rob and vinita. >> millions of election eve robo calls jammed up the nation's phone systems. the new hampshire democratic party says it lost phone service at campaign offices at 11 different locations. comcast and other companies in the northeast says the problem has eased considerably since the phones cut phone service last night. close races won't likely be called until the wee hours and we could get an indication by early evening whether a republican takeover of congress is taking shape. our chief washington correspondent george stephanopoulos has an eye on the races to watch. >> if you look at our latest poll, this is another big change election coming up for the united states of america, the third in a row. you know, last election, voters who wanted to change voted overwhelmingly for president
3:34 am
obama. this time around they're voting for republicans, but it's interesting how it's shaking out. if you just look at eligible voters, registered voters, they break for the democrats. 49-44, but then when you dig down and get the voters most likely to vote, it flips over to the republicans, 49 republicans, 45 democrats. indiana, the polls close at 7:00, democrats are defending three contested house seats in indiana. early in the night if republicans win two out of those three, they are well on their way to getting the 39 house seats they need to take control of the house. on the senate side, i watched the state of west virginia. the polls close there at 7:30. they have a governor joe manchin, 78% approval rating in the state, but president obama under 40%. if joe manchin wins at 7:30 tomorrow night in west virginia, the chances that the republicans taking over the senate are very, very small. >> abc's george stephanopoulos with the breakdown of some of the races.
3:35 am
and tonight george joins diane sawyer for abc news live election coverage. be sure to tune in at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central. and beyond politics this morning, u.s. intelligence forces are targeting the man they say is the mastermind of last week's plot to detonate air cargo planes. he is known for building ingenious and sophisticated bombs and for completely ruthless. martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: the man believed to have built the devices ibrihim asiri, is a 28-year-old saudi, an expert in explosives and chemicals, and a fanatical member of al qaeda looking for a spectacular attack. >> nine years after september 11th al qaeda is still obsessed with blowing up airplanes coming into the united states. >> reporter: he is so fanatical that officials say last year he packed explosives into a body cavity of his own 23-year-old brother and sent him on a suicide mission
3:36 am
to kill the head of saudi intelligence. he had him pose as a repentant jihadist, who had information for the intelligence chief but it exploded prematurely blowing him to bits but sparing the saudi intelligence chief. the fbi, state department diplomatic security and the tsa are all sending teams over to yemen to help with the investigation. but what many in the u.s. are pushing for is moving armed cia drones into yemen in a big way but that would take yemeni approval and that has not come although this attempted bombing will add significant pressure. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. general motors is expected to announce details of its initial public offering later today. the sale is expected to raise about $10 billion. of course, taxpayers bailed out gm last year, but under this offering, the government's stake in general motors would drop drastically. shares are expected to go on sale later this month. in sports news today, the giants are standing tall this morning after claiming their
3:37 am
first world series title since 1954. mvp edgar renteria broke up the scoreless game with a stunning three-run homer in the seventh inning and ace tim lincecum allowed just three hits to defeat the texas rangers, 3-1 in game five and congrats to them, and, of course, back in san francisco, he static fans poured into the streets, blocked traffic, stood on police cars, broke out in dance. this is a huge first for the city by the bay. the team earned their five previous world series titles but at the time they were playing here in new york. a good day for those folks in san francisco. sad day for texas natives. >> we'll get them next time, rangers. well, here is a look at your tuesday forecast. stormy from dallas to pensacola. heavy rain and flooding in new orleans, biloxi and mobile. showers for much of florida and from savannah, georgia, to charleston, south carolina. showers across northern minnesota and drying out in the pacific northwest.
3:38 am
>> 59 in seattle and 60 in portland. 60s from billings to albuquerque. a wet 62 in dallas, 58 in kansas city, 54 in minneapolis. just 50 in baltimore. atlanta hits 61. and now good-bye, rehab. hello wehab. >> that's what they call physical therapy at ft. lauderdale's broward general medical center. patients are boxing, they're bowling, even playing soccer to get well. >> therapists say the anyonintendo wii games help restore balance and strength and 60% of patients like it so much they are planning to buy one after finishing with their therapy. we have the xbox, but you don't even need a controller, and it'll correct you based on your hand movements. so maybe that'll be the next thing for these patients. >> who says video games are bad for you? we'll be back with more news right after this.
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did you know that the average american is $16,000 in debt? that is just the average, so imagine the debt many americans are trying to climb out from under. >> elisabeth leamy met one massachusetts mom who owed more than 80,000 bucks and put her on a debt diet. >> reporter: it's days like this that single mom leah west treasures. >> i missed you. >> i missed you too. >> reporter: on fridays she meets her three children, matthew, hanna and katie, at the bus stop, the only day she does not commute three hours round trip to work. leah lives on cape cod, a dream location but quite a distance from her job as an administrative director at a health center. previously a stay-at-home mom, leah went back to school to earn her bachelor's and masters after her divorce and in turn picked up $80,000 of student loan debt.
3:43 am
add on another nearly $3,000 of credit card debt and the fact that she owes more on her house than it's worth, and leah says she needs help. she does not want to revisit the period right after her divorce when she was even in deeper financial pain. >> that time was total despair. there were definitely nights that i didn't know how i was going to put food on the table. >> reporter: enter laura rowley, money and happiness columnist with yahoo! finance. >> i think for a lot of people, that is the monster in the closet. >> reporter: laura's first tip for anyone facing a mountain of debt is not to start with the numbers, but to start with what you value in life. >> if i value my children most of all like leah does, how am i going to pay for their education? how will i help them get the education they need to get the job they need to make them happy. >> reporter: this mind-set was revolutionary.
3:44 am
>> everything goes into place, and you start being much more careful about what you spend your money on. that changed everything for me. >> reporter: it also makes it easier to tackle the next task, scrutinizing every dollar you spend. >> there's a corner store down the street, and i realize that i was spending about 400 a month there on, you know, you go to your friend's house and you pick up a bottle of wine or the kids say i don't want that to dinner. all right. i'll go down the store and get something else. >> reporter: when leah added up the damage, she couldn't believe it. she spent $30,000 over 7 years at the corner store. that's in addition to the grocery store. >> i could have redone my kitchen or, you know, a year of college for my kids. >> reporter: now it's time to get down and dirty with the numbers and put a plan in place. >> leah had a lot of different goals, but it's really important not to overwhelm yourself with five or ten goals. start with one to three goals that are very manageable. >> reporter: low gentleman's first three goals are to pay off her credit cart debt,
3:45 am
card debt, create an emergency fund of $10,000 and start paying off her student loans. so how to begin? laura says leah's secret weapon is her s0on-to-be finished $500 a month car payment. >> that $500 is going to go to your credit cards until they're paid offer. >> reporter: once the credit cards are done, that extra cash will go to the emergency fund and so on. then it's time to look for ways to earn extra money. leah turned her mess into her mission by writing a blog on called mom versus debt. she helps others by sharing her story while making extra money. laura's time tip for leah, keep a gratitude journal to stay motivated. >> my house is tiny but it's mine, and it's warm, and it's comfortable, and my kids are happy here. i have a great job that i love. i have the beach up the street from my house and i have my dog. i have everything i need. >> reporter: and that makes leah realize she is already rich. so what's the prognosis?
3:46 am
despite all those bills, in less than a year, laura expects that leah will be free of credit card debt, she'll have a stash of $10,000 for emergencies. she'll be able to get started paying down those student loans and she'll be contributing to her retirement plan at last. in washington, elisabeth leamy, abc news. >> and we all deal with debt at some point. one interesting tip here is they say you should call your credit card company to request a lower rate and the script is on our website. check this out for sure. >> just don't avoid it. that is the absolute worst thing you can do. coming up a classic rocker who claims he is now bored to tears. >> and frank talk from courteney cox about the state of her marriage next in
3:47 am
you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. the wishes of thousands of children are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at
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♪ skinny so skinny >> who's who is back from vacation? for the first time we're hearing
3:49 am
from courteney cox, her first interview with "tv week" magazine about the separation from her husband david arquette and calls him a kook and says he is an entertainer, so people who listened to him were entertained by what she's calling "his stories." he was on the radio with howard stern and said his infidelity was due to not having sex with her for four months. she, as you can tell by those comments, is kind of denying that saying basically separation which is what -- the terms of their situation is the most courageous thing she's ever done. that's for sure the biggest thing i've ever done and i suppose what i do will be the best for us. she hinted at reconciliation and said the two of them grew apart. she says she wouldn't call him right away and he's an entertainer and i'm sure people are entertained by his stories. who she's leaning on? she says it is who you think it
3:50 am
is, jennifer aniston, and kind of reconnected as they've always been connected but this has brought them a whole new level of closeness and talk about what happened with brad and could miss comiseratee >> telling the story for entertainment value. >> having your husband publicly say we've been having no sex for four months would be hard for anyone. kind of hard and none of our business what's happening but she's finally talking and addressing it all. >> sad news from the disney world. demi lovato, the disney sensation, apparently a difficult time. her spokesperson said this, she left her tour in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues that she has dealt with for some time and decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. she is doing just that. she and her family ask that the media please respect the privacy during this time. 18 years old, singer and actress here, having personal issues seeking a little bit of help, according to tmz sources
3:51 am
they say it's not drug use. there was some kind of physical altercation she had with another female while she was on tour with the jonas brothers and prompted her to seek the help. there was -- the rumor started she was going through a tough time because she missed a show in recent days and disappeared from bitter briefly so apparently the office statement is out she's getting help for what they're calling emotional and physical issues. >> these kids are like little moguls. when they stop a concert it affects a lot. jon bon jovi had a very candid interview where said i'm bored to tears and drink too much. he made these comments in sao paulo at the start of the south american leg of his sour and said i'm vain and i'm terribly out of shape. if you want to be perfectly honest i'm ten pounds overweight and i'm drinking too much, and i am bored to tears. i'm not the fat elvis but at 48 i look okay, but i'm coming to real good terms with getting older. so maybe we'll see a new life from john bon invest very. he's already a sex symbol but maybe he'll get into better shape.
3:52 am
>> "blaze of glory." i wonder how that works out for him. why he decided to go public. >> probably candid comments that suddenly everyone was listening to. >> he's a new jersey native like me. he'll be okay. we'll be right back. hó
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here are some stories to watch on abc news. the supreme court considers and here are some stories to watch on abc news. the supreme court considers california's sales ban on violent video games. they say the ban violates free speech. haiti is bracing for tropical storm tomas. aid workers there are helping people in temporary villages that were set up after january's devastating earthquake. and wall street investors will have an eye on the federal reserve today. discussions begin on interest rates and policies to help stimulate the still struggling economy. finally when you think of the beach, you probably think of swimming unless, of course, you are some of the french. >> well, if the snooty french get their way, the tradition of swimming in the channel
3:56 am
between france and england could go, well, belly up. why? here's bbc's graham satchel. >> three, two, one. >> come on, jane. >> reporter: dawn over dover and a relay team, the leybourne lovelies, are getting ready to swim the channel. >> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: on the shoreline, more and more swimmers are practicing. >> this year we have had as many as 300 swimmers register with us. it has just grown beyond belief. >> reporter: organizers put the rise in channel swimmers down to david wyyams and sport relief before he crossed the channel four years ago, less than 700 had ever done it. this year alone there were 266 crossings. this is what the swimmers are
3:57 am
heading into, the busiest shipping lane in the world. >> cross channel swimming is as dangerous as a pedestrian trying to cross the i-25. >> reporter: cross channel swimming is self-regulated, but most swims are done through two long established negotiati ee e. crucially no swimmer or support boat has ever caused an accident. nonetheless, the french who banned swimmers using the calais to dover route 17 years ago are getting more worried. >> this continue otherwise increase of swimming in the channel creates a danger, which is getting more and more important every year. >> reporter: you would like cross channel swimming to stop? >> yes. >> reporter: late at night the leybourne lovelies reach france and they've negotiated their way through ferry, ships and supertankers, but in the world's most congested waterway have the hat and goggles had their day? >> there goes my vacation plans. >> again, that was the bbc's
3:58 am
graham satchel reporting. that is the news for this half hour. you can always follow us on facebook. you can always follow us on facebook. >> check[shouting] [swords clank] watch out! give me all your treasure! imagine what a little time can do for your family. ah, ha! take that! as their national spokesman.
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4:00 am
call for change. voters and politicians speak their minds. >> what we're seeing right now is it's not adding up. >> the end of an intense campaign. terror test. revelations about al qaeda's intentions before last week's bomb plot. and historic victory. >> struck him out. >> san francisco giants' monumental world series win. it's tuesday, november 2nd. and i know all of our fans in texas are not doing well this morning, but it's cool to so a team that hasn't won in five
4:01 am
decades to win one is cool. >> a team whose own manager has called them a band of castoffs and misfits given none of these guys had been in the top ten for any statistically significant category, so this is really sort of the underdog story. >> people always like the underdog. good for them. so good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm vinita nair. the late night rallies and last-minute speeches have all wrapped up. it is election day 2010. >> finally. first lady michelle obama was in philadelphia last night trying to close the deal for democratic candidates who still at this point trail in the polls. with more now here's jake tapper. >> reporter: democrats in colorado say to get out the vote in this final push they're knocking on more than 600,0000 doors. >> have you made up your mind about who you're supporting for u.s. senate? >> reporter: and they're making 1 million phone calls, some of them made by senator michael bennet himself in the fight of his life. >> i would be honored if you'd cast your vote for me. >> reporter: as voters prepare to go to the polls in just a few
4:02 am
hours, we asked a number of them from coast to coast in one word what is your hope for washington in the next two years. >> jobs. >> bipartisanship. >> peace. >> change. >> jesus. >> cooperation. >> success. >> unity. >> accountability. >> skill. >> moderation. >> order. >> reporter: republicans seem to have the wind at their backs this season, but they're not taking anything for granted. they have an aggressive operation in missouri, for example, for republican congressman roy blount's senate race. >> we're calling to find out if we can count on your vote with roy blount. >> reporter: president obama did radio interviews ranging from ryan seacrest to bad boy michael baisden. >> i want to make sure that all your listeners understand the importance of this election. >> reporter: surrogates are on the trail, sarah palin, bill clinton. thank you. >> reporter: some candidates' appeals are based on their being victims. >> my y ponent is on the side of special interests that have dropped so many millions against us. >> when they can't attack you on substance, they try to call you names.
4:03 am
>> reporter: it's an unusual election year where many nonpoliticians are trying their hand such as in arizona with tea party candidate physicist and republican house candidate ruth mcclung. >> i'm a physicist. i love equations and love facts. what we're seeing right now is it's not adding up. >> reporter: and president obama on tuesday will spend more time doing radio interviews to get out the vote, as well as monitoring the results and, of course, his normal presidential duties. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. millions of election eve robo calls jammed up the nation's phone system. the new hampshire democratic party says it lost phone service at campaign offices at 11 different locations. phone systems operated by comcast and other companies were bogged down for hours last night at the peak of all those at the peak of all those robo calls. the race for senate in nevada is seen as one of the most critical and for good reason. the state leads the country in unemployment and foreclosures and the highest ranking democrat in theenate is in a fight for his political life.
4:04 am
jonathan karl reports now from reno. >> reporter: for republicans there would be no bigger prize in the country than winning this race, defeating the most powerful person in the u.s. senate. how important is harry reid's re-election to the white house? this is one of only two places in the country where an obama is campaigning, and it's the more popular one. >> my husband, he can't do this alone. he needs -- he needs leaders like harry reid to help him. because in the end, our campaign was never just about putting one man in the white house. it was about building a movement, a movement that lasts beyond one year, one campaign. >> reporter: as s r harry reid, a four-decade career in public service has come down to this moment. >> but you know i'm not finished fighting. i am not finished fighting for jobs or keep nevadans in their home.
4:05 am
of >> reporter: meanwhile, sharron angle makes one last effort to get votes her stronger supporters seem to be those who detest harry reid. >> there's two people i hate in the world. the guy who ran over my dog in a ditch while i was in the military and harry reid. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc, angle shopped short of predicting victory. do you think you've done what you need to do? do you think you can win this? >> i'm still doing what i need to, which is get out and talk to voters. >> reporter: we asked her about one of her more controversial positions, about getting the united states out of the united nations. >> i think that's one of those nonessential places we really need to look rat. >> reporter: this race may come down to which candidate voters dislike the least. as one republican pollster told us, reid and angle are the two most unpopular in the country right now, but, of course, one of them has got to win. jonathan karl, abc news, reno, nevada. and be sure to stay with abc news online, on facebook, and on
4:06 am
the air tonight. election night coverage begins on the air at 9:30 eastern time with live streaming updates on and facebook throughout the busy night. and now to the investigation into those explosive packages sent from yemen and intercepted bebere they reached chicago. >> abc news first reported that u.s. authorities were already on the trail two months ago of a threat to cargo planes. t.j. winick now has the latest. good morning to you, t.j. >> reporter: rob and vinita, good morning. the yemeni woman arrested over the weekend in connection with the bomb plot has been released. police say it was a case of stolen identity. they are now looking for a 28-year-old al qaeda bombmaker and any other package bombs which could still be out there. u.s. intelligence officials feared al qaeda was s eparing an air cargo bomb attack since early september when they discovered what now appears to have been a dry run shipment. like the real bombs, the dry run packages were sent by air cargo from the airport in yemen to addresses in chicago. >> they wanted to follow the packages using the tracking
4:07 am
system to know exactly when they got to a point, how long a timer had to be set for so that the bomb would go off at the right point, which presumably was over chicago.o. >> reporter: investigators still don't know if the latest al qaeda bomb plot targeting america has been fully contained. as a result, the u.s. has frozen all cargo shshped from yemen. the uk has extended that ban to somalia, another country they're planning to be using to plan attacks against the west. >> we will update the guidance given to airport security personnel based on what we have learned to enable them to identify similar packages in the future. >> reporter: in the wake of the plot, the white house is expected to soon announce a plan for increased cargo screening. one british aviation expert believes it's a second level of screening which is critical. >> it's that second level of screening with the current technonogy that we need to put in place to identify carefully and cunningly concealele explosive devices. >> reporter: according to german
4:08 am
security official, the mail bombs intercepted last week traveled through their country and contained 300 and 400 grams of petn, enough to bring down the cargo planes they were c cried on. the tsa has sent a team of experts to yemen to train screeners there to ensure all air cargo that leaves that country is safe. rob and vinita? the trial of three american hikers accused of spying in iran has now been delayed. an iranian spokesman said sarah shourd needs to return to tehran before the case can begin. shourd was freed in september for health reasons. her fiance shane bauer and josh fattal remain in prison. the trial was set to start saturday. former congress maman gary condit is still refusing to say whether he had a sexual relationship with intern chandra levy. condit keved in a trial yesterday for the man charged with her murder. he insisted he cooperated fully with investigators. when asked if he -- when asked if he and levy had an intimate
4:09 am
relationship, the former congressman said "we're all entitled to some level of privacy." >> well, now here is a look at your tuesday weather. up to two inches of rain and flooding along the gulf coast from houston to pensacola. wet in shreveport. showers in florida to south carolina and some light rain around duluth and northern wisconsin. 54 in the twin cities, 53 in chicago and 60 in omaha. boston, 46, new york, 50. atlanta, 61. it's 87 in phoenix, 75 in sacramento, 68 out in colorado springs. a mom and her three kids got quite a bit of attention in one northwest florida neighborhood. make that a mother bear and her three cubs. the foursome got everyone looking up when they climbed to the top p a pine tree. >> then after a few hours in that treetop, the family decided it was time to head home. the neighborhood is located right next to a huge wildlife area, so everyone does expect to see those e ars again. when i worked in colorado,
4:10 am
this would happen quite often, and it's interesting to watch it for about ten seconds. when you stand below it for six hours, it's a little less interesting. i'll say that. >> bad memory under that tree. >> beautiful creatures, but they are boring to watch. >> oh, man. >> we'll be right back. ♪ barking up the wrong tree yes you're barking up the wrong trail ♪ ♪ that's what she said to me and have extra money for shopping a night out. hotwire has special deals with hotels. when hotels have unsold rooms they use hotwire to fill them, like four stars in chicago, hotwire hot rate from $76. four-star hotels. two-star prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e , ♪ , save big on car rentals too. from $13.95 a day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful.
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call the sco÷"er store today. well, as expected, folks in san francisco are celebrating their world series win. it's funny. celebrations always involve smoke wherever they are. don't they? >> all kinds of smoke. 1954 was their last title, so congrats to them over winning the title. >> 3-1 win that us ranger fans are not happy about. >> next year maybe. more on the story we told you about yesterday that found that alcohol is more dangerous than heroin or even crack cocaine. >> the findings were so surprising to us, we asked jeremy hubbard to look into it.
4:14 am
and here's what he found. >> reporter: the revelations are sobering. using unorthodox criteria, a group of british doctors and experts rated the impact of 20 substances, based not only on how they harm the body, but the harder to measure toll they take on the environment, families, health care costs and social services. their conclusion, overall alcohol is more destructive than even heroine and crack cocaine. >> unquestionably the reason it is so harmful is because so many people use it, and so many people are dependent on it, and so many people get into trouble with it. >> reporter: the findings raise eyebrows, and not everyone rees. how could alcohol possibly cause more harm than hard-core narcotics? it's a matter of numbers and availability. alcohol is legal, socially acceptable, and it's everywhere. about 1 in 12 adults in the u.s. abuse alcohol or are dependent on it. but despite this report, there is hope, though. >> i've never felt better. probably never looked better.
4:15 am
>> reporter: innovative new treatments for alcoholism like this injectable drug called vivitrol taken once a month. it's able to cut down the desire to drink by blocking neurotransmitters in the brain associated with making you feel high. >> my whole life revolved around drinking. >> reporter: doctors say medications like these have already helped tens of thousands of people like this woman, people who have a problem that may be more destructive than we ever thought. jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> i guess i have to change my new year's eve plans. >> crack cocaine now? >> yeah, something lighter. >> it really is an interesting study, and, of course, the headline grabs your attention, but they're saying when drunk, alcohol damages all organ systems, connected to higher death rates. >> it's scary when you think about it too. it's so socially accepted too. coming up next, an historic win last night at the world series. >> my texas rangers lost to the san francisco giants. the hometown celebration coming up next.
4:16 am
4:17 am
the san francisco giants are on top of the baseball world this morning after defeating the rangers, 3-1 last night in texas winning their first world series title since 1954. tim lincecum was untouchable striking out ten batters. world series mvp edgar renteria added a three-run home run giving the giants all the offense they needed to bring home the title. >> well, as we speak, the parties are going on in san francisco and that celebration continues even after wednesday's big ticker tape parade. here's coverage of the big win from san francisco's abc 7. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> here it is. struck him out, and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> for you guys. for you. >> they did it.
4:18 am
a team no one believed in but the giants themselves and their fans win the world series. back home the fans turned the city into a massive celebration. >> all: giants, giants, giants. >> parts of san francisco came to a virtual standstill tonight. here a crowd in the mission jostles a police car and later fans fuel a bonfire as part of the celebration. the celebration. and on fillmore street fans packed the street to celebrate. a moment some waited for for 52 years when the giants moved to san francisco. >> let's begin with you, lilian. >> reporter: carolyn, fans we talked to say they had a gut feeling tonight was going to be the night and, boy, were they right. giants fans who came to public house at at&t park knew this was the place to be tonight. >> everybody is so excited, and you can feel it. it's like it's alive. >> reporter: this group of guys came prepared. they wore their rally thongs in honor of first baseman aubrey huff. >> all: rally thong. rally thong.
4:19 am
>> reporter: then came the final out. the deafening cheers lasted for several minutes. for many in the crowd, this moment meant everything. >> my dad, he was a big giants fan, and he raised me to be a giants fan, and he's up in heaven, and he's just loving this right now. >> reporter: fans say there were no better way to celebrate than come down to the ballpark, home of the giants' magical season. >> i can't believe it. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> look, it is history, it's fun. it couldn't be more exciting. >> well, and you know what, for the most part it's safe. people are partying. it's good natured. hopefully there is no violence. everybody stays calm. >> seems to be that way. >> yeah. soso let's hope it just stays tt way. i think we could say right now torture is officially over. it ended. all right. the giants and their fans have been waiting since 1958 when the team moved here to celebrate a world series championship in the city, and the giants wrapped it
4:20 am
up tonight beatiti texas, 3-1 to wrap up the series four games to one. tim lincecum outdueled cliff lee for the second time in the series, allowed only one run, the big hit provided by edgar renteria in the seventh. three-run homer. his second b b home run of the series. all the offense that the giants would need. renteria was named the series most valuable player. this is a guy that was injured for much of the year. came on late. they were going crazy in civic center plaza. lincecum pulled a 3-1 game in the ninth and brian wilson strikes out nelson cruz to end it as the giants celebrate their first world series crown since 1954 when they were the new york giants. mike shuman joins us live from arlington, texas, which could be renamed champagne central tonight, shu. >> reporter: no question, larry. it was one of the most phenomenal experiences i've ever been through and sounds like san francisco was having fun. the same thing here. let me show you the raw emotion of the team afterwards. let's gogoight to it. they celebrated in the locker
4:21 am
room like you would not believe. it just all comes out in different forms of emotion as you can see in the locker room, champagne, beer flying everywhere. the championship trophy being passed around by all the players, and the emotion ranged from just total excitement to tears of joy and here's two examples of it with brian wilson and aubrey huff. >> this means everything. san francisco is going nuts. we're going nuts. we've worked our [ muted ] off to get here and it's paying off and it's cold and it's reeling really good and we got another one coming here. wait for it. >> how about winning in your home state. >> it's amazazg. i said it already. i do this in front o oa lot of people i grew up idolizing, coaches from high school and friends. all my family is here. it's special, man.
4:22 am
>> of course, these guys get choked up. it is an emotional moment, good for them. >> after watching so much of tim lincecum, i was wondering how old he is. he's 26. he looks older than he is -- no, he is older than he looks. that's what i meant. >> stay with us. ♪
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febreze gets rid of odors... and leaves a light fresh scent. never a harsh smell. [ family ] ahhhhhh... ♪ [ male announcer ] it's . ♪ "world news now" delivers your morning papers. welcome back, everybody. well, for all you lady gaga fans out there, you may want to head to the university of south carolina. a sociology professor who next spring will offer a course looking solely at lady gaga. this may sound weird. but it's really not. this guy, his name is matthew deflem. he apparently is a well-regarded professor r the last 15 years in policing and international terrorism but always had this personal interest in popular music and apparently has become an obsessive gaga fan. he's been to 2 shows. so many that she actually recognizes him.
4:26 am
but don't worry, he says, it's not a music course, and we're not going to be dancing. simply explore an important aspect. he says "i'm drawn to artists who have a unique presentation to their music. some starving artists deserve to starve, but how many others who have real talent never make it so how do we make sense of lady gaga's rise? his course at usc will prove that in the spring. you can imagine kids are already very interested in signing up. >> so if it's not about the music, is it about the fashion? >> social conditions of why some are able to rise to fame and some people are not, and some get to be a comic like lady gaga. >> kind of like outliars. all right. it could be actually interesting. well, speaking of interesting things, take a look rat these images because when you see them, you'll think, i don't know what they're made of. at least that's what we thought. when we tell you they're made of shoelaces, you're probably going to be pretty impressed. the back story to these pieces
4:27 am
which sell for $35,000 a pop, he had been creating artwork out of shoes. puma sees the artwork and starts sending different shoelaces. he thinks to himself, why don't i just paint with them? it's a combination of pinning them painstakingly and weaving them on to a canvas, and he says he spends up to a month on each piece and $35,000 per piece. i can see why he continues to do that. impressive. >> that's a lot of work. i'm sure you'd probably buy one for christmas. >> probably not. >> how often do you shower? >> go on. >> there's this wild article in "the new york times." they found this girl, jennifer who is 55 out of malibu, california, who says she does not shower or shampoo daily and does not use deodorant. she's the chief executive of an organic skin care line. she says she does not shower more than three times a week. simply takes a soapy washcloth under her arm,
4:28 am
private area and under her feet and all she needs to get clean and rubs a lemon under ííqqqqq
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